How often do you roast your Fairtrade Organic Coffee?

We roast our Fairtrade Organic coffee beans 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday.  Our roastery is located in Montville, QLD on the Sunshine Coast, just 100 km north of Brisbane.


Can I come to the roastery to buy beans?

You can drop in for organic coffee bean sales in person from 9:00am - 11:00am every Thursday (except public holidays).


Do have any upcoming special events?

You can get to know our coffee first-hand when you come to the Montville Coffee Bush to Cup Experience Follow the fascinating journey from the bush to the cup, participate in our coffee cupping ceremony, chat with our roasting & brewing specialist, then relax with a coffee in our beautiful courtyard before buying freshly roasted coffee beans to take home or to give as gifts.

9.30am Thursdays (except public holidays)

Bookings are essential. Call  07 5478 5585 or book online


How fresh is my coffee going to be when I receive it?

Your order gets packed with freshly roasted coffee beans on location at the roastery. We ship same day or the next day and if you live in a remote area, you can specify that you want Express Post.

We know you care about freshness, so the roasted-on-date is always on the back of the bag.

Enjoy your plunger or pour-over coffee immediately. Espresso coffee is better if left to settle until it is at least 7 days old. 


Do you offer free shipping? 

Yes, shipping is free on all orders over $100 and on our Fairtrade Organic coffee subscriptions.


What do you mean by Filter roast vs Espresso roast? 

Filter roasts are lighter than espresso roasts. The beans are roasted for a shorter time so the acidity is preserved. These flavours are fruity, juicy and honey sweet. Perfect for pour over methods like Chemex and V60.

Espresso roasts are darker than filter roasts. The beans are roasted for a longer time so less acidity is preserved in the bean and more body develops. These flavours are bold and spicy, dark chocolates, molasses, and dried cranberries. Espresso roasts carry their flavour through milk and are perfect for plunger, Aeropress and stovetop and home espresso machines. 


Do you offer Barista Training Courses?

Coffee education is an important part of cafe culture and we have been offering training for the next generation of great baristas for many years. Check out our upcoming Espresso & Milk Training course and for cafe owners and managers, The 1%ers that Count. 

The Montville Coffee Bush to Cup Experience is a fantastic way to treat your fellow coffee lovers to a unique day out in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland. 


Do you sell Organic Cold Brew Coffee online?

Yes! We are pleased to introduce Monty, Australia’s FIRST certified Fairtrade Organic Cold Brew Concentrate.

Monty is available at select retailers across Queensland and in Sydney and through our online store. Monty Original Original Organic Cold Brew Concentrate and Monty Caffeine Free Organic Cold Brew Concentrate.

Monty is usually enjoyed icy cold. When blended with hot water it is a convenient filter-type coffee experience.


How is the Monty Cold Brew shipped? 

When you order 1 or more 500ml bottles of Monty Cold Brew concentrate, we sandwich the icy cold bottles between layers of frozen "ice-pack-wraps*" inside a "Woolcool**" blanket. The Monty won't still be cold when it arrives at your door, but the ice and insulation maintains a stable temperature, preserving the flavours until you can get the bottles into your fridge. 

*Reuse the ice-pack-wraps to keep food and drinks cold in eskies and coolers and to provide cold therapy for first aid injuries.

**Put the Woolcool on your garden or into your compost where it will break down or use it to make your own environmentally friendly insulated Cool-bag