A simple method to make one delicious cup of coffee.

For simplicity, no mess, no fuss brewing, we love the "Inverted" Aeropress brewing method.

Brew Recipe

Brew Water
Water Temperature
Coffee Dose
Brew Time
For the perfect brew, we recommend...
  • Aeropress,Pouring kettle,Scales,Reusable filter disk,Timer:
Let's get into the recipe!
  1. Heat water to 90 ˚C.|Grind 17g of coffee to a filter consistency. What aromas can you identify?|Remove the plunger and the cap from the chamber.|Place a paper filter into the filter cap and soak it with hot water. Set it aside for now.|Setup the AeroPress in an Inverted Position by placing the plunger facing up on the counter. Now turn the brewing chamber upside down and place it securely onto the plunger. You will want the stopper to rest in the middle of the #4 position.|Use the funnel to add the ground coffee. The funnel keeps helps get the grinds neatly into the chamber.|Start the timer and pour hot water into the chamber to the middle of the #2.|Use the paddle to stir the ground coffee into the water to ensure that the grounds are completely saturated.|Add hot water to the #1 mark.|Secure the Filter Cap on the AeroPress. Hold onto the AeroPress where the two chambers meet and with your other hand, screw the filter onto the brewer.|When 60 seconds have passed, grab the AeroPress holding both chambers together and flip it so it is over your mug.|Once the AeroPress is back right-side up and over the mug, proceed with pressing down the plunger. Use a slow steady press. It should take about 20 seconds to fully press.|Create different experiences with your Aeropress by varying coffee dose, grind consistency, water temperature and brewing times.

The perfect coffee

Lots of body and fresh plum brightness comes through with this brew method.
Peru Café Femenino — San Ignacio, Cajamarca Plums and sweet dates. Medium body & acidity.
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