What's the story in your cup?

Our story is over a decade long, established on a strong foundation of environmental innovation and fair relationships.

As a Social Enterprise, we are conscious of how our actions greatly impact our customers, our producers and the environment. Since establishing ourselves as the first Fairtrade and Organic Coffee Roasters in Queensland, our awareness of environmental and social issues has driven us to build a business that celebrates ethically and sustainably sourced and produced goods.

Montville Coffee’s presence in the specialty coffee market and focus on social justice has allowed us to educate our customers and the coffee industry by connecting the quality of coffee with the quality of life for our coffee farmers. Thank you for visiting!


Partnering with us to create your coffee destination

Montville Coffee has attracted leading industry specialists committed to supporting your business. This experience, expertise and craftsmanship is what we deliver in our wholesale partnerships. We look forward to sharing this passion with those who also seek strong relationships and exceptional quality of coffee.

We are passionate trainers. We are industry enthusiasts. We collaborate and diagnose the one percenters that can differentiate you in the competitive marketplace.


Because price volatility and lack of food security torment our coffee growers at origin.

Small-scale farmers are at the mercy of the market. By coming together in a Fairtrade cooperative they have a voice, can demand a minimum price for their coffee, and collect premiums to invest back into their communities and into coffee quality.

Fairtrade is a global movement offering resistance to the failures of conventional trade by empowering small-scale farmers to contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.

This trading transparency and Fairtrade framework gives us confidence to build long term relationships with ten coffee growing cooperatives across the globe. For example, the forty-four coffee growers who have improved water quality in Honduras, the Peruvian women who now control the quality of their coffee, and the growers who are sustaining and reforesting the coffee regions of Ethiopia.

Why Organics?

Protecting the health and wellbeing of people and the environment is what we value.

We have embraced a business model with organic agriculture at its core. As a Certified Organic coffee roaster, the independent certification guarantees that our product from the grower to the cup is not spoilt from spraying at origin, upon arrival in Australia or from contamination during the roasting process.

We support growers who commit to organic cultivation as it assists in the regeneration of soil and native ecosystems, protects the health of communities and encourages forward thinking to safeguard sustainable futures.