What's the story in your cup?

Our story is two decades strong, established on a strong foundation of environmental innovation and fair relationships.

We are Montville Coffee, a group of leaders, storytellers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and kindred spirits. Collectively, we believe in the power of humanity. As a Social Enterprise, we are conscious of how our actions leave a trace; impacting our customers, our producers and the environment. Since establishing ourselves as the first Fairtrade and Organic Coffee Roasters in Queensland, our awareness of environmental and social issues has driven us to build a business that celebrates ethically and sustainably sourced and produced goods.

Today our coffee roasting business is evolving in response to the added complexities of the changing climate, and the world’s waste problem. As we continuously educate ourselves, we make decisions that are steeped in sustainability and fairness.

We believe in the power of choice. Choice to make better decisions. We felt the need to provide a range of coffee that is not only Certified Organic and Fairtrade but also award-winning specialty coffee. And so we embarked on this journey that has become our story.

Not all coffee is created equal. At Origin our coffee is hand-picked, and all our beans are specialty graded. This means you are only getting the highest quality beans. We believe that when we make good, sustainable decisions, we don’t need to sacrifice quality.

Why Organics?

Protecting the health and wellbeing of people and the environment is why we are here.

Coffee is the most heavily treated crop on the planet next to tobacco and cotton. As a Certified Organic coffee roaster, the independent certification guarantees that our coffee, right from the grower to the cup is not spoilt from spraying at origin, upon arrival in Australia or from contamination during the roasting process.

We support growers who commit to Certified Organic cultivation as we know they are regenerating the soil and native ecosystems, protecting the health of communities and safeguarding their futures.


So that every decision we make is transparent.

When we officially became Fairtrade Certified, we were the second coffee business in Australia to do this at the time. This was in 2002.

Through Fairtrade, our story has been one of transparency and empowerment for coffee growers. On our journey, we have created award-winning specialty coffee while contributing to the quality of farmers' lives.

Small-scale farmers are at the mercy of the market. By coming together in a Fairtrade cooperative, they have a voice, can demand a minimum price for their coffee, and collect premiums to strengthen their communities and the quality of their coffee.

This trading transparency and Fairtrade framework gives us confidence to build long term relationships with ten coffee growing cooperatives across the globe. Together with, the forty-four coffee growers who have improved water quality in Honduras, the Peruvian women who now control the quality of their coffee, and the growers who are sustaining and reforesting the coffee regions of Ethiopia.


Let’s make exceptional coffee together

We are proud to have been working and evolving within a growing and innovative food community for the last two decades. We have worked with many great cafes and independently owned retailers. We are here to extend our knowledge and share our experiences with you. Become part of the Montville Coffee community; the foodie’s coffee.

We are passionate trainers. We are industry enthusiasts. We collaborate with you to diagnose the little things that can differentiate you in the competitive marketplace.