French Press/Plunger

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For full-bodied delicious results, ease of brewing, and consistency, we adore the French Press. Classic in design, and in experience, the French Press encourages rounded mouth feel, and low acidity in the cup. Simple, yet elegant.

Brew Ratio

  • BREW WATER: 300ml
  • COFFEE DOSE: 22g
  • TOTAL BREW TIME: 4 minutes

Brew Equipment

  1. Heat kettle to 94 ˚C.
  2. Grind 22g of coffee to a coarse consistency. What aromas can you identify?
  3. Lift the lid with mesh filter off the vessel. (It is the plunger filter that elevates the denser and more full-bodied features in your coffee experience)
  4. Put ground coffee in the French Press.
  5. Place the french press on your scales and tare scales.
  6. Start a timer and pour the full 300ml of water into the French Press (there is no particular pouring technique for blooming the coffee. As you’ve poured all the water at once this is known as ‘immersion brewing’).
  7. Stir coffee with a paddle or spoon ensuring all coffee is saturated and enjoy the aromas.
  8. Place lid on top ensuring no heat is lost.
  9. Allow your coffee to brew and after 3 minutes stir again to release further aromas before placing the lid back on for a further 30 more seconds.
  10. Now, slowly plunge the coffee to bring your total brew time to 4 minutes.
  11. Create different experiences with your French Press by varying coffee dose, grind consistency, water temperature and brewing times.