The V60 produces an aromatic, full-bodied brew. Mastering the pouring technique is a crucial element of this brewing method.

Brew Recipe

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For the perfect brew, we recommend...

  • V60 dripper: The Hario V60 Dripper makes one or two cups of filtered coffee. Choose size 01 or 02 when buying.
  • Server: Made of heat-resistant glass
  • Paper filter: this server comes with a rubber lid to seal your coffee after brewing.
  • Pouring kettle: The Hario filter paper is designed so that it leaves no taste of the paper.
  • Scales: This kettle is both extremely practical as well as artistic. The ribbed handle provides the control and the classic curved spout adds precision when pouring

Let's get into the recipe!

  1. Heat water to 94˚C.
  2. Fold paper filter into a cone shape and place inside the Hario Dripper.
  3. Pour hot water around filter paper soaking it thoroughly then tip the water out (pre-warms the brewer and ensures no leaching of ‘paper flavour’ into your cup).
  4. Grind 22g of filter roast coffee to a medium consistency of fine but distinct particles of sand and take note of the dry coffee aroma.
  5. Scoop ground coffee into filter paper, gently tapping the brewer twice on the bench top to even out the grounds.
  6. Weigh brewer with dry coffee in the filter paper and tare scales.
  7. Start your timer and aim to pour 44ml of water in 15 seconds into the brewer, slowly and consistently, in a circular motion, moving from the centre of the filter to the outside.
  8. Allow the coffee to ‘bloom’ for 30 seconds. Gently stir wet coffee granules ensuring entire dose is saturated. Gasses bubble to the surface and coffee grinds ‘grow’ as water saturates them. This stage is known as ‘the bloom’ and produces the coffee’s distinct aroma.
  9. Aim to pour 6 x 30ml pulses every 15 seconds into the brewer gently and consistently in a circular motion, as before.
  10. Your last pulse of water should be 15ml poured at around the 2 minutes 30-second mark, bringing you to 240ml water in total.
  11. An ideal total brew time here should be 3 minutes.
  12. Discard filter paper, swish coffee around in carafe and pour (take note of the colour of the brew).
  13. Allowing your brew to cool for 1-2 minutes elevates the sweetness and allows acidity to balance out.
  14. Create different experiences with your Hario V60 by varying coffee dose, grind consistency, water temperature and pouring method.

The perfect coffee

With its complex flavour and heady aroma, this is the perfect coffee to enjoy black through this filter.

Emerald blend - front
Montville Coffee
From $15.75
Sweet & aromatic. For lovers of black coffee. Mild body, high acidity.



December 13, 2023 — Kevin Fraikin