Pour Over - Chemex

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The Chemex is a beautifully elegant glass coffee vessel resembling an hourglass. Its design celebrates clean cup characteristics delicately and purposefully highlighting brightness and nuance, although lighter and milder in body than a V60. There is a rich look and feel to this brewing method that creates the sense of a coffee ceremony, delivering a memorable experience. 3 cup brewers are perfect for Sunday mornings, but larger brewers are built to impress if hosting. Forgiving to use, and very user-friendly.

Brew Ratio

  • BREW WATER: 400ml
  • COFFEE DOSE: 30g
  • TOTAL BREW TIME: 4 minutes

Brew Equipment

  1. Heat kettle up to 94˚C.
  2. Unfold filter paper and place the three-layered side of filter paper in line with the spout of brewer (this ensures that coffee and water don’t collapse and press into the spout, affecting extraction and pouring).
  3. Pour hot water around filter paper soaking it thoroughly then tip the water out (pre-warms the brewer and ensures no leaching of ‘paper flavour’ into your cup), then weigh brewer and tare scales.
  4. Grind 30g of filter roast coffee to a medium/course consistency (resembling coarse sand).
  5. Scoop ground coffee into filter paper, gently shaking the brewer to even out the grounds.
  6. Weigh again and tare scales.
  7. Pour 60ml of water gently onto the grounds in a circular motion towards the outside of the filter paper and then gently stir wet coffee granules ensuring entire dose is saturated. This stage produces the coffee’s distinct aroma and is known as the ‘bloom’ (gasses bubble to the surface and coffee grinds ‘grow’ as water saturates them). After 30 seconds from the initial pour proceed to the next stage.
  8. Over the next 60 seconds gently and consistently pour in a circular motion the remaining 340ml of water over the coffee grinds.
  9. An ideal brew time is typically 4 minutes.
  10. Discard filter paper, swish coffee around in Chemex brewer and pour (take note of the colour of the brew).
  11. Create different experiences with your Chemex by varying coffee dose, grind consistency, water temperature and pouring method.