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An ideal espresso extraction should highlight the more dominant features in the roast, origin or blend of choice. Try experimenting with your tamp technique, group head brewing temperatures, water quality, and keep your machine and water filter serviced regularly.

Brew Ratio

  • COFFEE DOSE: 20-21g
  • TOTAL BREW TIME: 28-31 seconds, 60ml including crema

Brew Equipment

  • Espresso Machine (ideally with E61 double group handle)
  • Grinder
  • Tamp
  • Scales
  • Timer
  • Knock Box
  • Speciality espresso blend such as Fredrick 
  1. Remove group head with double basket, wipe dry and clean, place on scales and tare.
  2. Grind your coffee finely to resemble an icing sugar consistency. Collapse the coffee by tapping your group head twice when full, on your bench top. Ensure coffee is evenly distributed with your finger, and that the group head is cleaned of unnecessary coffee granules. Check desired dose (weight) is between 20 and 21g on scales - add, or remove grinds if necessary.
  3. Tamp your ground coffee in the group head with tamper, until it feels like coffee is pushing back towards you – equivalent to approx. 10kg of pressure. Ensure you have distributed your weight and the tamp evenly, creating a flat bed.
  4. Purge some water though the group head for 3 seconds in preparation for the extraction.
  5. Engage group handles into espresso machine. Commence extraction, and start timer, before quickly placing your preferred cup(s) below the group head ready to catch the 2 espresso extractions or double shot.
  6. The extraction is typically first visible at around 6 seconds, and should commence with a notably mousey-tail, before accelerating in flow.
  7. The entire extraction should take around 28-31 seconds for a shot length of approx. 60ml including crema (2 x 30ml espresso shots).

Create different experiences with your espresso by varying the dose, grind consistency, shot length, and water temperatures.