The Aeropress may be the most forgiving and versatile of all brewing methods.  The total immersion brewing method results in uniform extraction and full coffee flavour. The paper filter ensures grit free coffee. It's fast, about two minutes from start to enjoy. The actual press time takes only 20 seconds and clean-up means simply pressing the spent coffee and paper filter into the bin or right on the garden. Aeropress Brewing Guide

Easily make an espresso with your Aeropress

We know that espresso equipment can be an investment. The Aeropress offers a compact and alternative option to achieve a similar result to an espresso. 

The Aeropress is comparable to an espresso for its similarity in intensity and body. Where most manual brewing methods rely on gravity or immersion brewing an espresso differs with its consistent high pressure and quick brewing time. The Aeropress combines all of these elements in order to create an efficient, precise and full flavoured coffee!

Read how to create that espresso style from your Aeropress over on our blog

Size: 250ml

Product Description:

  • Plastic chamber, plunger, filter, cap, funnel, wide¬†stirrer¬†
  • Ground coffee and hot water are mixed in a plastic chamber. A plunger is then inserted and the coffee is pressed through a paper filter.
  • Stainless steel Flatex reusable filter is also available and sold¬†here



Connecting you to a better coffee experience

We’re here to make sure that you not only get a great cup, but that those farms that produce the fantastic beans we use get a fair, honourable and sustainable reward. Why not book a coffee tasting experience today and find out how you ended up with such a fantastic brew.


Third-party certification cuts through empty words

When we say that as part of our company values we support our coffee farming communities and the protection of the environment, we don‚Äôt ask you: ‚Äėtake our word for it‚Äô. We want those values to stand on their own and want you to be able to rely on independent third party certification. Through our longstanding relationship with Fairtrade we have been able to witness first hand this transformative impact.