French Press Cold Brew

Our Organic Cold Brew recipe is in your hands now.

Cold brew has a smooth flavour, a rich sweetness, a gentle hint of acidity and much less bitterness compared to hot brewed coffee.

Expect full body, low acidity. Candied apple, praline and cream.


Brew Recipe

Brew Water
Coffee Dose
Brew Time
17 hours
For the perfect brew, we recommend...
  • French Press,Scale:
Let's get into the recipe!
  1. Weigh 125g of plunger ground coffee, add to bottom of french press.|Pour 700mL room temperature, filtered water and stir vigorously.|Replace cover & refrigerate for 17 hours.|Plunge french press as far as it will go.|Transfer to sealable vessel.|Serve as desired. Keeps for up to 3 weeks.

The perfect coffee

We recommend using Woodford Blend for a satisfying, rich cold brew.
Woodford Blend Dark chocolate, ripe cherries and caramelised sugar.
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