The Montville Coffee team came together for our very own Aeropress Challenge. We had a great time leading up to the competition, trying out our own recipes, and getting to understand the nuances of the coffee flavour wheel.

I enjoy the variability of the Aeropress with the freedom to play around with water temperature, grind size, water to coffee ratio, and extraction time. It was great undertaking an activity like this because I found that it helped my understanding of good coffee and bad coffee and I got to decide for myself!

Discovering the flavour of under-extracted or over-extracted coffee helped develop my palate for identifying different coffee flavours. Sumatra Gayo has a beautiful full and rounded body with delicious tasting notes of chocolate. 

Try out the recipe that won me the competition below!

Coffee: 17g
Water: 100ml during extraction, with another 50ml added after extraction
Temp (Celcius): 83
Grind size: Medium Grind
Brew time: 1 minute plus 30 seconds of Extraction time
Inverted Method

As always we suggest experimenting yourself!

Check out here, for a more in-depth brewing method.

February 18, 2020 — Kashmira Lal