Create this more-ish and cosy Cardamom Apple Puffed Pancake recipe for an easy but impressive breakfast.

If you want to take things to the next level, try this coffee and food pairing experience. It will ignite the senses. You can think of this as a mindful eating experience. When we give all our attention to one task, we allow ourselves to fully engage in the experience at hand. 

Plate up the pancake with the cinnamon butter maple sauce, and pour coffee into your favourite cups. Now sit and relax and we will take you through this tasting experience.

Close your eyes and take a sip of your coffee. What are the flavours you are experiencing? Put a name to them. It could be sweet, spicy, rich, earthy, luscious. Grounded and mellowed out, or excited and elevated? Notice the flavours at the start, and then notice the after taste.

Next, take a fork full of Cardamom Apple Puffed Pancake and repeat the process. Closing your eyes, what flavours are you experiencing?It might be sweet bursts and savoury spice.

Now, ask yourselves what flavours does the coffee enhance in the puffed pancake? The flavours we associate with are typically those we associate with memories from our youth. Perhaps the spice reminds you of your grandma's fruit cake but tastes like a chai latte to your friend.

As you continue to eat the pancake, and drink the coffee, consider the flavours this pairing is bringing out in the coffee Perhaps the cardamom is bringing out a spice flavour in your coffee that you've never identified before.


    February 12, 2020 — Kashmira Lal