Better Business is balancing profit and purpose. 

It’s not just about what we do; why and how we do it are just as important.

For Montville Coffee, being a #BCorp is more than just creating something great. Our underlying purpose is the reason our coffee roasting business exists, and what drives us to do #BetterBusiness every single day.

At Montville Coffee, our mission is to improve living conditions for coffee growers and their families through helping Australians understand the issues facing coffee growers and by making the supply chain fairer.

We believe that every business has the opportunity and responsibility to positively impact the communities around them. Montville Coffee has always been committed to fair relationships and environmental innovation – becoming a B Corp in 2016 has broadened our vision and identified the areas that we are doing well in and those that are weaker. It has given us great ideas on how to strengthen and improve our business. We are currently learning about how to empower our whole team to determine and achieve our B Corp business improvement goals.

Our story started with becoming the first Fairtrade and Certified Organic coffee roasters in Queensland, but we have also grown so much since then. By being Fairtrade certified, we have been able to extend our community reach to the coffee farmers who grow our beans. Not only can we support our local community efforts, but we can also support the building of strong democratic structures within the farming communities. Not only does our Organic certification ensure an environmentally friendly product, it means that our producers aren’t exposed to harsh chemicals when farming and that the coffee we enjoy drinking is chemical-free. 


B Corps have a different goal than most businesses; we don’t want to be the best IN the world, we want to be the best FOR the world. Being B Corp Certified is about changing how business interacts with each other, the environment, their suppliers, their staff and their customers. It’s about challenging all aspects of how a business operates, holding themselves to a higher standard for the betterment of all.  

Montville Coffee has always been committed to fair relationships and environmental innovation — becoming a B Corp in 2016 hasn’t changed this, it’s given us a structure and community of other businesses seeking to be a catalyst for good.  

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February 24, 2018 — Eva Smith