Embark on a gastronomic journey through the vibrant Sunshine Coast, where over 900 producers and makers contribute to what is lovingly called Queensland’s Sunshine Pantry. Our region, blessed with fertile volcanic soils, yields tasty produce spanning from the coastal areas to the lush farmlands.

Sunshine Coast Pineapple Farm

Pineapple farm - photo credit Visit Sunshine Coast

Local artisans, chefs, and restaurateurs here are not just culinary creators; they are stewards of innovation and sustainability. Their dedication gives rise to a plethora of culinary experiences waiting to be explored, and it's high time we share these stories and news about the conscious and immersive food experiences right here at our doorstep.

Warrior Restaurant

Warrior restaurant - photo credit Visit Sunshine Coast

Enter 'Visit Sunshine Coast' (VSC), the heartbeat of our region's tourism. This not-for-profit organisation, the official tourism body for the Sunshine Coast, has embarked on a mission to redefine how visitors perceive our food and beverage agritourism experiences.

Montville Coffee had the pleasure of being part of this transformative journey. Thanks to VSC, we had the opportunity to showcase our unique food tourism offering, ‘Build your Dream Blend’, on a national stage through an exciting marketing campaign.

The magic unfolded as we spent a day immersed in our daily activities, capturing the essence of our passion and the unique experiences we offer on footage. VSC then crafted a series of world-class videos, including ours, as part of the ‘Queensland’s Sunshine Pantry’ campaign, which launched nationally on 1 February 2024.


On this grand stage, Montville Coffee and our ‘Build your Dream Coffee Blend’ Masterclass took centre stage, aiming to attract more tourists, more spending, and more celebration of the culinary treasures our region offers. Our joy in participating was not just personal; it was a shared endeavour to elevate our local food tourism operators.

The campaign, broadcasted nationwide on television, also showcased the richness of the Sunshine Pantry on tourism expos, airlines, and online platforms. Beyond the beaches and sunshine, viewers were introduced to a plethora of experiences, from Camel Cuddles with Canapés to Mooloolaba sunset cruises and local farm visits.

We are thrilled to be in the company of esteemed establishments like the Warrior Restaurant at Australia Zoo, the Mapleton Public House, and the Kandanga Farm Store, who are also part of this culinary celebration.Montville Coffee is not just about brewing exceptional coffee; we’re about participating in the symphony of flavours that the Sunshine Coast so generously offers. Join us in spreading the word about the Queensland Sunshine Pantry. This pantry is not just brimming; it’s an overflowing cornucopia of goodness!

Share the news, invite your friends, and savour the rich tapestry of flavours the Sunshine Coast has to offer – two, four, six, eight… dig in, don’t wait! 

February 29, 2024 — Sean McGowan