Have you indulged in our freshly arrived, naturally processed single-origin Ethiopia Djimmah coffee? 

Brace yourself for a brew that’s purposefully lighter. It is a delightful palate dance of sweet blueberries and juicy fruits, floral aromas and a tint of soft milky chocolate.

Venturing into the realm of single-origin coffee is like embarking on a thrilling expedition, where each sip is a palate adventure traceable back to a unique sole location. It’s a quest driven by curiosity, and a desire to explore the diverse influences that shape your coffee’s character. These go beyond location alone, and include understanding the climate, altitude, the terroir of soil, the coffee variety, the meticulous processing method, and the artful roast profiles which have resulted in a cup quality. 

But there’s more to coffee than what fills your senses; it’s also about weaving emotional connections. It’s about stories told, and connections being made. 

Today, as we raise our cups to celebrate the arrival of our Ethiopian Djimmah coffee, we invite you to ask: What’s the story in your cup?

Let’s share a moment together, and embark on an adventurous journey. 

It’s the 9th century, and you’re in the mystical lands of Ethiopia, following the footsteps of a legendary traveller named Kaldi and his enchanting Dancing Goats.

In the heart of the lush and mysterious Kaffa region in the south west, young Kaldi stumbled upon his goats feasting on vibrant red cherries from an unfamiliar shrub. What followed was a night of goaty jubilation and frolic, thanks to the cherries’ peculiar effects.

Marvelling at his herd’s newfound vitality, Kaldi too dabbled in the exotic fruits from this foreign shrub. His spirits were also lifted, and so he decided he must share his discovery with the local monastery. However, the monks, filled with trepidation, cast the cherries into the fire, believing them to be the work of the devil. Little did they know a heavenly aroma would soon engulf the monastery.

With curiosity piqued, the monks salvaged the fruit’s inner roasted seeds, crushed them, and steeped them in hot water to preserve them. The resulting brew not only startled them with its potency but also kept them wide awake during their evening prayers, a miracle in itself.

And thus, from the depths of the Ethiopian 'Kaffa' region, the world was introduced to the elixir we now know as ‘coffee’, a brew steeped in history and tradition.

Today, the wild Arabica coffee varieties from those ancient forests continue to flourish. These resilient beans have weathered the test of time and changing climates, making them invaluable to be tested and understood to ensure we plant varieties that can withstand changing growing conditions at origin. 

Ethiopia, ranking as the sixth largest coffee producer globally, boasts the famed Ethiopia Djimmah region as its crown jewel, the largest volume producer in the country. 

With its roots entrenched in coffee history, Ethiopia Djimmah is often hailed as ‘The Birthplace of Coffee’. 

How fortunate we are to handle such history in our daily work. 

We are thrilled to share this naturally processed treasure with you, and invite you to experience this exotic coffee. We trust it will transport you with every sip to a mystical, magical and fabled place.

Goats not included…

November 02, 2023 — Kevin FraikIn