In the lead up to Father’s Day, some of Montville Coffee’s lovely dads had a chat about being a father. We also did this with our mother’s on Mother’s Day and think it’s a nice conversation to document and share. 

What’s it like being a father?

Kevin: Chaos! A lot of laughter, a lot of fun and some frustrations - as life always brings you challenges and having three kids means there is always something happening. We are always on the run - going to sports events, school activities or other appointments. I am really blessed to be in their lives and able to do most school drop-offs and pickups. I really enjoy being a dad.

What are the two things you would like to teach your children?

Kevin: Resilience and contentment. If I can teach them those two things I think they are well set up for life. To be grateful when things are good and strong when times get tough. Aware that life will change and life will throw all sorts of curveballs at you, but if you have resilience and can see this life for what it is - an opportunity to grow and develop as human beings then I think they will be okay.

What father’s day traditions do you have in your family?

 Kevin: Father’s day for us, usually means breakfast in bed. The kids figure out what you are going to have, if you are lucky they might go to the fancy bakery and come back with treats and cuddles. There are usually some nice gifts and some funny ones, that might have come from school or they have bought something they actually fancy themselves.

Have you taught your children how to make coffee?

Kevin: I have taught my children how to make coffee on the espresso machine (with supervision of course), they are actually pretty good baristas in the making.

Did your dad have dad jokes?

Kevin: My dad was full of dad jokes and they would mostly be met by an eye roll from me. They were repeated quite a lot. My dad got just as much enjoyment telling it for the 20th time, as the first. One of his favourite ones was when we would have people over to the house, and he would ask them what they want to drink, and they would say ‘the same’ (pointing to the drink of the person next to them), so he would bring out two straws and put it in the glass of the other person. His eyes would light up.

I definitely tell dad jokes and they are of course met with the same eye roll. My favourite one is when the kids run to me and say ‘I’m finished’ and I say ‘oh I thought you were Australian’ and then, of course, I have to explain it because no one ever gets a dad joke the first time, but from that day onwards the eye roll starts.

What do you think is the best thing about being a dad?

Sean: Those moments of joy when your kids leap out of their own skin, something happens which brings them joy, and you can just see life is effortless when you’re happy. So when they find things that bring them joy I just light up myself and think ‘you are in a good moment, be in the moment and enjoy it.’

What’s a father day’s like in your home?

Sean: I am told to stay in bed and the kids and my wife will start brewing some coffee, there is always a bit of burnt toast. But what I really enjoy is when they bring in those gifts from school. The rocks with noughts and crosses on them. The cards with spelling mistakes. Those things are priceless. They don’t age and they sit in a really special drawer at home and I reflect on them every year. 

What would be the thing that you want your children to remember from childhood when they become adults?

Sean: I think we are very fortunate where we live. We have the luxury of space and that provides us time.  As we wake up each day, if we don’t have plans, we can make up activities just by being outside, if there is a ball we can kick it, if there is a skipping rope we can jump, we can ride bikes. As long as we spend time together we will have good memories. 

Dad jokes: have you got any?

Sean: I do have a dad joke. I was working as a barista the other day and someone came into the cafe. 
They asked, ‘What’s that you are wearing on your face?’
*Sean puts on face mask*
I said ‘that’s a coughing filter’.

It took Sean four attempts to get this dad joke out - of course, it was hilarious because all dad jokes are hilarious. 

We had to end the chat there ...


September 17, 2021 — Lauren Scaroni