Tea Brew Guide

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When brewing the perfect cup of tea the best results are gained from using a temperature-controlled electric kettle to ensure a consistent, fresh mouth-feel. Tielka teas are Certified Fair Trade and Organic.

Brew Ratio

  • 70°C for green tea and white tea
  • 85°C for oolong tea
  • 100°C for black tea, chai and herbal infusions
  • 1g of tea to 100ml water
  • Total Brew time 3 minutes

Brew Equipment

  1. Weigh 1g of chosen tea per cup required then add to teapot/infuser.
  2. Fill kettle with 100ml of water per cup of tea required, heat kettle to appropriate temperature for your chosen tea (See above). For example, green tea tastes bitter when brewed with boiling water and other teas won't release their full flavour if the water is not hot enough.
  3. Pour water on tea leaves. Set a timer and leave to brew for 3 minutes for ultimate depth of flavour.
  4. Pour the tea. Herbal infusions are best enjoyed as is, or with a little honey. Milk can be added to black tea or chai.