Espro Calibrated Tamp



The Espro Calibrated Tamper assists you to reduce the variables associated with tamping the ground coffee into the espresso group handle. The Espro has a stainless steel base and anodized aluminium handle. It is built for precision and reliability. As you press down on the tamper and it reaches the required 10kg of force you hear/feel a reassuring click.

We use this tamper when we are training new baristas as it helps to alleviate one of the variables that lead to inconsistent flavour in the cup. You may be interested in our barista training course for your own professional development or as part of your ongoing strategy to raise the capacity of your baristas in your cafe business. 

Size: 58mm (commercial group handle size, check your espresso machine to ensure it is the appropriate size for your group handle)

Product Description:

  • Stainless steel base and anodized aluminium handle
  • Black handle
  • Flat base
  • Fixed calibration of 10kg of force

Connecting you to a better coffee experience

We’re here to make sure that you not only get a great cup, but that those farms that produce the fantastic beans we use get a fair, honourable and sustainable reward. Why not book a coffee tasting experience today and find out how you ended up with such a fantastic brew.


Third-party certification cuts through empty words

When we say that as part of our company values we support our coffee farming communities and the protection of the environment, we don’t ask you: ‘take our word for it’. We want those values to stand on their own and want you to be able to rely on independent third party certification. Through our longstanding relationship with Fairtrade we have been able to witness first hand this transformative impact.