They can be passed down from generation to generation. Perhaps unique to
families, cultures, religions or even workplaces. Traditions may be bound
by beliefs or the ceremonial reflection of an important moment in time.

I'm told traditions are not defined by rules; but rather guidelines.

Ok, an example you ask, here's a doozy...  why do some families open
Christmas presents on Christmas Eve! It's not Christmas, right?

Wrong! Or at least in my household ... You see my Colombian wife introduced
our family to her country’s tradition that indeed, Christmas presents get
opened on Christmas Eve. 

Reflecting on this, I began to appreciate, that over the years I've met people,
or travelled through countries, that may have swayed the way I go about
celebrating different traditions.

Turns out, traditions ARE just guidelines after all, and it's ok to adopt a
tradition here or there, or even put a little spin on it yourself. 

Traditions are yours to keep and adopt as you please. They can lead to
awesome things too, like getting to open presents on Christmas Eve and
Christmas morning. #compromise #winning

This Easter, many of us will indulge in a little chocolate, as per the tradition.

Now it's my wish to share another Colombian tradition with you. 

It's called, "Chocolate con Queso." 

Yes, that is Chocolate with Cheese. But let me paint a better picture. It's a
HOT Chocolate, with melted cheese inside the cup!

In households across Colombia, Abuelita's (Grandmother's) would prepare
Chocolate con Queso in some households nightly, or as a special treat
for loved ones. It combines the richness of Colombian chocolate, with the
salty nuances of cheese and provides comfort to those who indulge.
Restaurants and Cafe's across the Country serve Chocolate con Queso to
guests, sometimes even accompanied by bread with butter to further dunk in
their cup. 

And, in the spirit of fusing traditions, Montville Coffee will add a little more to
the experience, by suggesting a Colombian Single Origin Espresso to the mix.
A Mocha of sorts. 

So today, we'll name it; "Colombian Chocolate con Queso - con un Espresso"

It's a pleasure to share this little family tradition with you this Easter.
Mi Casa, Su Casa.

April 05, 2023 — Sean McGowan