The Montville Coffee logo has changed 3 times since the original kookaburra, which symbolised the connection between the sound of the Australian bush at dawn with brewing the first cup of Certified Organic Fairtrade coffee.

It has now been two decades since Richard and Karen Barnett started crafting this idea that has become Certified Organic Fairtrade Montville Coffee.

Managing to keep the specialty coffee brand coherent and yet alive and changing has been a constant focus for Karen who identifies as the company’s head of storytelling.

“By taking an approach of adjusting the brand to reflect what we do and what our coffee drinking community needs, the real life of the brand keeps bubbling up and surprising us,” Karen says.

The brand evolved with the café industry and like many other Australian Specialty Coffee roasters, a milky swirl logo identified this next stage of the business journey.

Considering what the brand is now and how the growing body of follower’s experience Montville Coffee has been Karen’s focus for the last couple of years. The current brand is the expression of what she understands as the Montville Coffee drinker's current needs which she summarises as consistency, clarity, transparency and sophistication.

The addition of Austalia's first Certified Organic Fairtrade Cold Brew to the market has added a fresh new element to the range.

What Karen is learning is that by engaging everyone in the company to ask themselves, “What is this customer experience? Can we do it better?”  the experience of nurturing the Montville Coffee brand identity becomes one of crafting a special gift for the most important people in our lives.

September 22, 2020 — Karen Barnett