For years we have been sharing our "why" through written stories and photos. Sometimes that is as tips and hints for making better coffee; or giving insights into the lives of our growers; and we share who we are and what we learning as we try to build a sustainable business in an evolving world.

This year has presented an unexpected opportunity for us to learn more about how to share our story with others through video. Whether it was because we couldn't get into retail stores to do our usual tastings, or we couldn't hold our usual barista training sessions, or we just wanted to show what your Fairtrade Organic coffee roasters do when they are at home for weeks.

A small grant helped us to purchase some video equipment and to hire local videographers Robyn Cook and John and Matt Dick to mentor us in filming and editing techniques as well as help us learn how to tell a good story using video.

What we discovered is that we love the whole process of creating a video! We have learned that it doesn't have to be perfect. We are not professional film makers; we are coffee roasters who want to share our stories and bring everyone along on our journey.


According to our storyboards, here is what is coming up in the next few months:

How to...make an iced latte, read a coffee packet, make a great plunger coffee, set a grinder, re-use your coffee grounds to make a coffee scrub...

Our grower's stories including women's health, the economic impact of Fairtrade Organic certification, and the relationships we are forging together.

Who we are, what we are learning, and what we are struggling with as we seek to build a sustainable business.

A peek inside cafes and homes exploring how our coffee is being experienced around Australia.


Here's the link to our first published video ... we would love to know what you think.



Sean, Kevin, Karen and Lauren


December 10, 2020 — Karen Barnett