‘Natural sequence farming’. This revolutionary concept, forged by Hamish's visionary grandfather, Peter Andrews, over four decades ago, continues to rewrite the story of land rehabilitation.


It's all about embracing and synchronising with the landscape to breathe life back into ailing and degraded rural farmlands.

Today, the dream of merging food production with this method of natural sequence farming has blossomed into Forage Farms.

Join me on an enlightening journey into the world of regenerative farming, as seen through the lens of Forage Farms and Hamish's infectious passion for education and storytelling.

We'll venture deep into the heart of Forage Farms, exploring their unwavering core values, their wholehearted commitment to animal welfare, and the profound impact they've had on the rejuvenation of rural farmlands.

Learn where you can seek out the highly sought after Forage Farm's premium-quality eggs and learn how to order your very own mouth watering Christmas Ham straight from their farm gate.

We invite you to immerse yourself in one of Montville Coffee’s favourite local food heroes.

Introducing Hamish Andrews (accompanied by his pet and clear companion, Millie) as they lead us through the endeavours of Forage Farms and the legacy they're forging along the way.

November 02, 2023 — Kevin FraikIn