I had my most memorable coffee drinking experience on our origin trip to Ethiopia back in 2014. I traveled there with Jasper Coffee when I was the roaster with them We were invited into a bark hut on the side of the road, where a local lady ground coffee beans by hand, and then roasted the coffee grind on a pan, she then served us one of the most authentic cups of coffee I've experienced to this date.

Ethiopia is one of my favourite beans due to the incredible aromas of florals and strawberries. Due to the bean being naturally processed - meaning the coffee cherry is left to ferment on the bean - it produces more interesting flavours and characteristics. You will also find that it won't always taste the same and there is more variability in different batches.

We roast this bean medium-medium dark to help retain the fruity flavours while still giving it enough depth to develop the chocolate flavours at the back. 

This shade-grown, high altitude certified Fairtrade Organic Arabica is magnificent in the V60 pour-over for home use or a brilliant single origin long black. You can tweak the extraction methods to highlight the fruitiness. If you ever visit us at the Farmer's Market and order a Long black you would have been served this beauty!

You can try Ethiopia Sidamo Premium here

 - Kris Mcdonal Head Roaster 

February 13, 2020 — Admin Office