Meet Nikki. At just 17, she finished high school and headed to Lismore to pursue a degree in Naturopathy. "I loved food and health from an early age," she recalls. "Once I started learning about nutrition in Home Ec(onomics), I was hooked. I wanted to know more, and that’s exactly what I pursued."

Nikki’s constant drive to evolve is what makes her unique. "I didn't grow up with things like massage and alternative therapies," she explains. "When I discovered them, I wanted to learn everything I could!"

For Nikki, health is a journey without a final destination. "You're always learning and evolving," she tells me.

Today, Nikki’s successful business, Grub Organics, connects the local community with a space dedicated to nutrition, food, wellness and health. 

I’m madly in love with the venue! From my experience, a visit to Grub Organics is like one big healthy nourishing hug. 

After 10 years specialising in the health and wellness retail arena, in 2024, Grub Organics evolved once again, launching into a larger store with an amazing new café offering, paired perfectly with Montville Coffee.

The incredible café offering is a whole new adventure for Nikki, the Grub crew and its customers. It's the latest evolution. 

Using organic and store ingredients, Nikki and her team create some of the most attractive, mouth watering and nutrient-dense food available on the coast. The display cabinet is filled with fresh salads, tarts, sausage rolls, lasagna, falafel, breakfast truffles, and sweet treats. The display cabinet oozes love, and care. Everything is delivered with a sense of excellence and pride. 

The food offered in the café is tasty, tempting, and all prepared on site by chef George and nutritionist Atalia. 

And while the Ten Acres pastries may not come from the kitchen like everything else in the food offering, once the daily delivery makes its way into the store, it’s clear the temptation is too much to bear for most regular Grubs to ignore. 

One of the latest additions to the Grub offering, is to serve its Montville Coffee to customers,  in its very own exclusively hand made, Pottery for the Planet ceramic cups. These ongoing ‘finishing touches’ will be an endless pursuit of excellence I envisage for Nikki and her evolutionary business. 

This cafe has long been a passionate project and vision for Nikki, and watching it come to life in all its colour and vibrancy has been so rewarding for me, and her customers. Something new is always being added to the menu… as a customer, it’s like we’re all on this journey together, ever evolving. 

Being that the new Grub Organics store is bigger and brighter, the retail range boasts an even more expansive range of grass-fed, organic, chemical-free meats, and fresh local produce. There’s new bone broth, bulk foods, and grocery lines aplenty. Cosmetics, vitamins, supplements, giftware, and flowers all fill the venue with life and colour. The wide aisles invite you to explore and discover new ways to craft a healthy lifestyle, with a sense of wellness. 

The entire Grub Crew is passionate about healthy living and investing in a better tomorrow. Most of Nikki’s team are qualified Naturopaths or are completing their studies, and they are always happy to provide advice and recommendations. Reflecting on one of Grub’s younger staff specialists Alex, Nikki shares the following, "Alex is halfway through her naturopathy degree. It’s really lovely having a student naturopath. Alex enjoys the hands-on experience, and I love hearing fresh ideas and learning new things." This is yet another example of Nikki's commitment to evolution. Everything here is always stretching and growing. Forging ahead - very Grub-like! 

Facing east, Grub Organics opens its doors each morning, basking in the rising sun, ready to share the fruits of their labour with you. At first light, as the espresso bar’s serving window opens, locals take a pew and connect over gorgeously brewed Organic Montville Coffee, made perfectly by the trained barista’s through their artisan equipment. 

If the early bird catches the worm, then based on the growing following of raving fans each morning I observe, then it’s clear that after a visit to Grub, it’s impossible not to catch the bug!

So, if you're looking for something fresh and invigorating to kick start your day, fill your fridge, or warm your senses, take a leaf out of the Grub book—add this new venue’s address to your Google Maps, and get on board the health and happiness evolution.

June 26, 2024 — Sean McGowan