This Peru Cafe Femenino Single Origin has a flavour profile distinct to this region, with smooth milk chocolates, hazelnuts and some soft sweet fruits.

I have been brewing Peru on my Otto stovetop because the flavour profile of this single-origin works perfectly as a milk-based espresso coffee.

The roast profile is best described as medium to medium/dark. The Peru gets at least 3 minutes in development time in the roast, allowing the coffee ample time to develop those earthy natural flavours.

This coffee is produced by The Cooperativa Agraria de Productores Ecológicos de San Ignacio (APESI) was established in 2012. It has 347 member producers based in the San Ignacio province of Cajamarca.

The average farm size is 2.5 hectares and altitudes range from 950 to 1780m above sea level. 

APESI’s objective is to develop and promote ecological agricultural production. APESI focus their sustainability efforts on soil conservation, food security and water management.

The women of APESI cooperative are proud to produce coffee as part of the Café Femenino Program. The program has a huge impact in the daily lives of women and creates greater gender equality in families and communities.

The Otto Stovetop espresso machine is a revamped version of the old Atomic machine. It's a sealed unit that's placed on the stovetop. Once the temperature increases the pressures causes the water to push through the group head and extract the coffee. At the end of the shot, you can use the built-up steam pressure to texture and heat the milk.

It's such a brilliant design. I've actually taken this unit camping and enjoyed a café quality flat white while sitting around a morning campfire.



-Kris McDonald Head Roaster 

March 16, 2020 — Montville Coffee Admin