March brought an exciting moment for Montville Coffee as we waited to be beamed across Australia during prime time, at 5:30pm on Sunday afternoon Channel 9’s renowned show ‘My Way’.  

Having recorded the episode during a lengthy full day's collaboration last Nov, we were thrilled with a captivating segment that ran for 4 minutes and 46 seconds (!). We had the opportunity to showcase our team, share our mission, explore our work, and unveil our stunning new location in Baringa.

The spotlight shone brightly on your handsome and new 22kg Phantom roaster, and the 'Build your Dream Blend' experience was beautifully represented. The visual presentation was nothing short of breathtaking, capturing the essence of our passion and dedication.

Words simply can't do justice to the pride and excitement we felt watching our story unfold on screen. But don't just take our word for it – click the link below and experience the magic for yourself.

March 22, 2024 — Sean McGowan