Now this is a special day! Some of us really care about food, and some of us really care about farmers and sustainability, and then there are those of us who get really excited about it all.

Sustainable Gastronomy Day is for us! Bringing all these passions together in one big celebration because eating local foods that have been produced sustainably makes a difference to people’s livelihoods, to the environment and to economies. 

The Tin Shed "Food on the Farm Day" 

Discovering that there is such a thing as Sustainable Gastronomy, I realise that our recent Food on the Farm Day experience was exactly that. We followed the directions down off the top of the mountain to the beautiful Crohamhurst Valley where we found the lush green Tin Shed regenerative farm. The food was delicious and the conversations uplifting and engaging as we all talked passionately about connecting people with the produce they consume. Tin Shed Farm’s vision is truly one of Sustainable Gastronomy.

“Our desire and aim is to live simply, as well as serve the community by using a farming model based on soil regeneration, sustainable living and eating. The outcome of this method is good clean whole food that can unite our community and the world.” Caron and Carl, Tin Shed Farm.

Tin Shed pastured eggs are available at The Maple Street Coop, Maleny


This is a fantastic resource to check out:
Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations - Calling all foodies: this one's for you!

June 15, 2021 — Karen Barnett