Everyone involved in coffee production carries out any number of simple to complicated processes every single day to ensure the consistency and quality of the end product.

Here is a little snippet of one of those process that starts all the way back at origin and finishes in the roasting shed at Montville Coffee.

Part of this process at origin is separating the pulp from the coffee beans before the beans are dried. In some places freshly pulped and washed beans might be spread out on huge surfaces to dry in the sun. They are raked and turned throughout the day and covered at night or from rain to prevent them from getting wet. 

Sean at origin in Aceh

In other areas the beans may be fermented to remove the pulp and mucilage that is attached to the parchment and then dried. Regardless of what process is used, it is labour intensive. Throughout this process, small objects like stones and rocks may find their way into the coffee beans and into the roaster.

Every day at Montville Coffee you can always pick out the unmistakable sound of the de-stoning machine. This machine ensures everything but the bean is removed. 

Check out this little video about the process!

June 29, 2021 — Lauren Scaroni