As the buttermilk pancakes rise like fluffy clouds, plump local strawberries and Canadian Maple syrup fill the dining table for Sunday brunch.

Yet, as your loved ones arrive, and the appetite to deliver a wonderful meal to those at the table grows, there’s a silent challenge brewing. 

While the espresso machine hums with anticipation, and the grinder is calibrated to perfection, what looms next is the task of stretching that luxurious café-style milk to match the café-like experience you’re so eager to offer your guests. 

Fear not, for we’ve distilled our expertise and wisdom into six steps for achieving pitcher-perfect milk every single time.

  1. Stay cool: Before you even think about frothing, ensure your milk is cold. Why? Because cold milk froths better, offering a denser, silkier texture. Aim for a temperature between 1 to 5°C, so fresh out of the fridge is best. Your latte art will thank you later.

  2. The 12 & 5 technique: Face the jug symmetrically in front of you so the steam arm enters and connects with the milk jug spout. The wand and jug are meeting at 12 o’clock. Now, slightly ajar your wrist and angle the steam wand to the bottom right of the milk surface. You want the wand to point to 5 o'clock on the milk surface. Finally, immerse the steam wand just below the surface of the milk. 

  3. Microfoam matters: The hallmark of exquisitely stretched milk lies in the microfoam – that elusive blend of air and milk. With the 12 to 5 o’clock set-up in place, start your milk stretching which will create a vortex within the jug. Listen closely for a subtle hiss, indicating that the steam wand tip is correctly nestled just within the milk… not too submersed, and not outside,… but just right. 

  4. Texture triumphs: The sweet spot – Aim for a consistency akin to wet paint – smooth, glossy, and free of visible bubbles. To achieve this, avoid exaggerated movements of the jug up and down, rather, make small micro adjustments to the height of the jug against the steam wand to generate more or less froth as required. If you need to slow or stop the froth volume, simply lift the jug millimetre by millimetre to submerge the wand tip until the hissing sound is seizes. If you wish for more froth, lower the milk jug millimetre by millimetre to reveal the steam wand tip until the hissing sound is once again activated. 

    When adjusting the height of the jug, aim to avoid disrupting your 12 o'clock to 5 o'clock set-up, or the vortex the milk is spinning and stretching to, will lose its rhythm, resulting in froth which isn’t combining with the milk as desired.

  5. The art of rest: Once your milk reaches the desired temperature, remove it from the heat immediately. It’s important to note that milk will continue to heat after you turn off the steam tap, so if you‘re seeking milk to achieve 65°C, we suggest turning the steam tap off at around 57 to 60°C. Allow the milk to settle in the jug for a moment. 

  6. Burst the bubble: Tap your milk jug against the benchtop if necessary to remove any micro bubbles that appear, then commence a swirl motion of the milk inside the jug. This will assist the milk not to separate from the lovely silky froth you have crafted. 

    Pro Tip: You can practise your milk stretching technique at home with cold water and a small amount of dishwashing soap in the jug. 

    Stretch, rinse, repeat! Mastery is 10,000 hours as they say, but we sense you’ll pick this up in no time, and at little cost with this pro tip. 

    With these six steps as your guide, you‘re poised to froth like a boss, creating pitcher-perfect milk every single time. So, as you revel in the satisfaction of crafting silky microfoam, may your Sunday brunch gatherings be filled with warmth, laughter, pancakes, and the irresistible aroma of freshly brewed espresso.

    Cheers to your milk frothing mastery and the delightful moments it brings to your table.

    May 02, 2024 — Admin Office