Ethiopia Sidamo Premium
Ethiopia Sidamo Premium Ethiopia Sidamo Premium Ethiopia Sidamo Premium Ethiopia Sidamo Premium Ethiopia Sidamo Premium

Ethiopia Sidamo Premium

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From the birthplace of coffee in Ethiopia, this shade grown, high altitude certified Fairtrade Organic Arabica is magnificent in the V60 pour over for home use, or a brilliant single origin long black.

In the Gedeo region, Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU) member producers cultivate Local Heirloom Cultivars. The community uses organic agricultural methods such as intercropping to enhance soil fertility as well as striving for environmental sustainability.

Tasting notes: Heavy bodied cup with notes of almond, chocolate and blueberry. Berry and citrus acidity. Long brown sugar and cocoa finish.

Serving suggestions: espressoAeropressfrench press / plungerpour-over Chemexpour-over Hario V60

Growers background: YCFCU was established in 2002 by 13 member organisations which has since grown to 23 cooperative unions and 38,000 farmers supporting 300,000 family members across southern Ethiopia. The total production area covers 62,000 hectares of organised organic gardens.

The union has played a very important role in the front to improve the livelihoods of all its members because in the past when it was not yet established, the existent primary cooperatives then, would not be able to get finances to conduct the coffee business on their own. Due to the debts incurred in the past because of political interference and governance factors, the majority of the cooperatives were struggling financially and could not in any way gain credibility to access financial support from financial lending institutions. The story has now changed. Currently, the union tries to solve these problems and manages the primary cooperatives to be credible to financial institutions and also helps members build capacity to become stable and have enough working capital for their businesses sustainability.

The union's mission is: " promote and support the continuous development of sustainable coffee supply by our members to the market in order to maximise financial returns to members’ cooperatives and in turn promoting the living standards of our member farmers."