Espresso & Milk Training

Benefit from One-on-One coaching with our experienced trainer.

  • The Elements of Espresso and Milk.
  • Espresso excellence, milk-texturing, latte-art, the coffee menu and daily espresso machine and grinder maintenance.
  • Practical foundational coaching in espresso excellence for those seeking work as a barista, existing baristas to enhance their skills, or the passionate home barista.
  • Learn the key elements of producing a consistently great tasting espresso coffee.
  • We guarantee this is the best, most comprehensive short course on the market. 

Course Dates/Times:

Coffee Training Sessions are two hours long if you are by yourself or with one friend. For groups of 2, 3 or 4, sessions may be up to three hours.

This is a very personalised course. We take the time to find out what your aspirations are and build the training around your needs. 

Check out some of our Best Fairtrade organic coffee, the Woodford Blends popularity stems from its great body and rich flavours that really cut through milk.

Espresso & Milk Training
$235.00 AUD
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