Ethiopia Djimmah Premium
Ethiopia Djimmah Premium Ethiopia Djimmah Premium Ethiopia Djimmah Premium Ethiopia Djimmah Premium Ethiopia Djimmah Premium

Ethiopia Djimmah Premium

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From the birthplace of coffee in Ethiopia, this shade grown, high altitude certified Fairtrade Organic Arabica is magnificent in the V60 pour over for home use, or a brilliant single origin long black.

OCFCU member producers cultivate Local Heirloom Cultivars. The community uses organic agricultural methods such as intercropping to enhance soil fertility as well as striving for environmental sustainability.

Tasting notes: Mild body, high acidity. Bright floral aromas, flavours of strawberries and cream with deep notes of stewed rhubarb.

Serving suggestions: espressoAeropressfrench press / plungerpour-over Chemexpour-over Hario V60

Growers Background: "OCFCU (Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union) was founded in 1999 by 35 small certified organic co-operatives. Its members are indigenous farmers located in the vast Oromia State of southern Ethiopia. The farms are located in mountainous, rainforest areas at altitudes of 1500 - 2300 MASL. The OCFCU achieved Fairtrade certification in 2002, and has since grown to become the largest Fairtrade coffee producer in Ethiopia. The union has over 102,000 members.

"OCFCU members are dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and social justice within their communities. The goal of the organisation is to foster economic self-sufficiency amongst its members, to ensure that families can feed themselves when the harvest fails and famine threatens. It aims to maintain the quality of coffee production, while increasing income for farmers and strengthening the capacity of the organisation so that members are less vulnerable to external forces such as price volatility. Women hold a prominent position within all facets of the organisation.

"OCFCU operates under an Auction Market Waiver which allows it to export directly to specialty markets around the world. This means it can bypass both middleman and the Ethiopian coffee auction and achieve a much higher price for its members' coffee. OCFCU finances sustainable farming training for members, and has invested in several washing stations and machinery to process washed coffee. They have funded the construction and operation of four local health clinics and established 56 clean water supply stations for coffee-growing communities. The OFCFU is also a founding member of the Cooperative bank of Oromia, which runs a credit program to producers.

"OCFCU members cultivate their coffee in bird and forest-friendly conditions and employ organic agricultural techniques, such as intercropping with food crops to enhance soil fertility. The ripest coffee cherries are selectively handpicked and processed to ensure superior quality."

SOURCE: Bennetts Green Bean Wholesalers