Ethiopia Djimmah Natural

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  • REGION: Oromia
  • PRODUCER: OROMIA Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union (OCFCU) 
  • ALTITUDE: 1500 - 2300
  • VARIETAL: Local Heirloom Cultivars


From the birthplace of coffee in Ethiopia, this shade grown, high altitude Arabica is magnificent in the v60 pour over for home use, or a brilliant single origin long black.

As a naturally processed coffee, celebrate funky fruits and pungent strawberries bursting out of the aromas. This is one clever coffee.

Dig deep enough to discover stewed rhubarb with a smooth creamy body to finish.


Generations of tradition and expertise mean these growers selectively pick only the ripest of cherries. Members of this co-operative treasure their native rainforest and cultivate their coffee with bird and forest friendly responsibility.

Years of price volatility have caused both caution and concern for the growers and their families. The members of the OROMIA co-operative aim to continue to increase production, whilst fostering economic self-sufficiency for the growers, ensuring they can feed both themselves and their coffee trees when harvests fail or famine threatens.

Fairtrade at work here ensures women hold prominent positions within all facets of the co-operative. Fairtrade premiums are invested in processing equipment, funding the construction and operation of four local health clinics and implementing 56 clean water stations through the coffee community.

Djimmah is an extremely important environment as our specialty coffee industry looks to harness and invest its resources into understanding these heirloom varieties hidden deep within the dense Ethiopian rainforests. These varietals are resilient to many of hurdles that climate change is hurling at our industry. If we are to successfully deal with the increase in demand across the globe for specialty coffee, as well as the impact climate change is having on our growers at origin and their production, it is believed that the secrets are locked and hidden in these native rainforests. Generations of expertise are now under the microscope. 

This is Ethiopia Djimmah Coffee, with traces back to the future…

Body: Mild

Acidity: High

Flavours: steward rhubarb; strawberries and cream.

Photo credits: Kris McDonald, Ethiopia Oromia 2014