Sconetime recipe pairing with our coffee of the month

Posted by Lauren Scaroni on

Over winter we have been loving Martin Duncan’s famous Sconetime scones for morning tea. The scones pair beautifully with our Coffee Of The Month - the Blackall Range Blend. The blend is bright and juicy with notes of fragrant stone fruits and honey sweetness. 

Martin, our favourite foodie, says he ‘loves loves loves the Blackall Range blend black with cream and chocolate cake’, but his favourite blend is the Sunshine Coast Blend, which he says, ‘matches perfectly with my home baking and scones at Sconetime’.

The Sconetime recipe comes from a beautiful and popular event. The community connector enables seniors in our community to come together with family and business owners over fresh hot scones loaded with homemade jam and loads of fresh whipped cream!

This initiative, as well as benefitting local seniors and their families, has become a wonderful opportunity for local women leaders and members of Food Agribusiness Network (FAN), to talk and network while doing what gives us joy...nourishing our community with homemade food and coffee.

Montville Coffee was delighted to be able to donate four insulated coffee plungers and continues to supply enough locally roasted coffee to be enjoyed with hundreds of delicious scones. It is a way we can support Martin Duncan’s community building “Sconetime” project.

Participating in Sconetime is such a joyful experience. We hope Martin is able to continue to spread this powerful community initiative across the country.

Check out Sconetime featured on ABC’s Landline:

Here is a teaser taster video with Martin’s Scone Recipe

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Sconetime Scone Recipe

  1. Set the oven to 180 degrees (fan-forced)
  2. Mix wet ingredients (1 egg, 2.5 cups milk, 1 cup of yoghurt and 1 tsp of vanilla essence)
  3. Put 1kg self-raising flour and 1.5 tsp baking powder into bowl then grate 125g chilled salted butter and rub it into mix
  4. Combined wet and dry ingredients without overmixing them
  5. Add more milk if required for a moist dough
  6. Pat dough onto a floured board, chop it into pieces
  7. Bake for 15 minutes
  8. Top with lashing of jam and cream
  9. Enjoy with a steaming, fresh cup of Blackall Range Blend