A delicious cold brew mint julep for your steamy afternoon

Posted by Lauren Scaroni on

Our Organic Cold Brew is perfect for those long hot summer days. Expertly brewed by Montville Coffee from Certified Fairtrade and Organic Producers.

Cold Brew is for coffee lovers who want to enjoy cafe quality coffee that is super simple. This Certified Organic coffee is slowly brewed in pure filtered water creating a smooth, rich flavour experience.

The best thing about the Cold Brew is that it is so versatile. One of our favourites is Cold Brew Mint Julep.

Keep your eyes peeled for more recipes as we head into a steamy summer.

Cold Brew Mint Julep
Press a mint leaf into the bottom of the glass with a wooden spoon before mixing in the other ingredients. Be careful not to break the mint leaves or the chlorophyll may cause your drink to be on the bitter side.

Drink Recipe
60ml Organic Cold Brew
220ml Soda Water
20ml Simple Syrup
Mint Leaves
Citrus Wedge

1. Press a mint leaf into the bottom of the glass
2. Mix the cold brew and simple syrup in the glass
3. Add soda water to taste
4. Fill the glass with ice
5. Garnish with a citrus wedge
6. Sit back and enjoy

Drink Equipment
Hi-Ball Glass
Jigger/Measuring Spoon (optional)